Nachrichtenblatt für Mitglieder des Freiburger Kunstvereins.

Jahrgang 1 Heft 1-12 & Jahrgang 2 Heft 1-7 (all publ.). Freiburg i. Br. 1955/56. Tog 19 numbers, large 8vo; each number between 8-12 pages in selfwrappers. With (partly coloured) orig woodcuts on the frontpage.
In 2 plain cardboard slipcases. Fine.

EUR 400.00

Edited by S. E. Bröse. With firstprints in German by Hans Arp (in no 5); reports from artists centers in Germany and abroad, and a regular report from Paris (Pariser Bilderbrief). Orig. woodcuts by E. Heckel (cover of number 1; Dube 409 B), Grieshaber (cover of no 2), F. Harnest, W. Wohlschlegel, H. Arp (in colour, no.5; Arntz 206 b), W. Herzger, R. Dischinger, J. Bissier, G. Biese, W. Gothein, J. Lacasse (2), E. Bizer, C. Westphal, W. Becker, W. Helbig, G. Meistermann, and woodcuts after S. Delaunay ( 2 no 6) and Alcopley (2 no 7).