Nos. 1-4 all publ.). Berkeley, April 1947-1949. Original wrappers, in generaly good condition ( except for vol. 4 which is worn along the yapped top edge, and has a one inch tear down the spine from the crown),
Important little magazine, produced by Christopher (and Norma) Maclaine in conjunction with his early poetry collections and slightly later experimental films. No 1: Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer, Philip Lamantia, Bern Porter. No 2: Rexroth, Levertov, Patchen, Crews. No 3: Zahn, Joyce ("Ibsen's New Drama"), Mason Jordan Mason. No 4: Patchen, Lamantia, Corman. All are printed letterpress, Includes two color silkscreen covers, number 4 was entirely handset, printed and bound by Christopher and Norma Maclaine.

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