Nos. 1-7 (n.d./1968-26/2/1970), continued as new series SYMBOL (-BONJOUR) Nos. 1-37 ( n.d.1971-1982). Düsseldorf & Köln, (Originally:) Self-published as schoolperiodical. (Later:) Verlag Symbol. 1968 - 1982. Size 21x29,7 cm, all limited editions, partly signed by the authors,editors and contributors, special editions and several numbers accompanied by the original paste-ups (used for printing). Several issues with added original artwork. Altogether 62 numbers, plus some ephemeral material.

EUR 2,200.00

Edited and started by Wolfgang Wangler & Friedhelm Jantzen as a mimeographed school periodical in a Gymnasium in Düsseldorf, this developed and expanded to a full-fledged highly respected publication. All numbers richly illustrated and with interesting lay-out. Originally mimeographed, stapled in the spine. Frequently signed by editors and/or artistst and with numerous special issues, De-luxe editions with original signed artwork etc. Added some ephemeral artwork (probably first attempts), some correspondence from the initial period, etc. Fuller details on request.

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