Nos. 1-3 (All published). Napoli, Quaderno, gennaio/feb. - maggio/luglio 1962. Original wrappers, stapled and side stapled, 22x 25 cm, last issue slightly larger.
Seminal Italian concrete poetry periodical, utmost scarce. Directed by Mario Diacono, Stelio Maria Martini. Issues of 28-32 pages,printed and stencilled. Inspired on Ana Eccetera (which started in 1959), comparabel in scope to Tool, and succeeded by the Roman periodical Ex. Texts and images (only in the third number) by Guido Basi, SergioDangelo, Mario Diacono, Stelio Maria Martini, Mario Persico, Emilio Villa. (Maffei/Peterlini. Riviste d’arte d’avanguardia. Milano, Bonnard, 2005. pag.132)

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