Rassegna di Arte et di Cultura di Avanguardia.

Nos. 1-6 (all published). Napoli, n.d. (1959-1961). Size (h/w): 22,5 x 24,5 cm. Original pictorial wrappers. Continued as:
- LINEA SUD. Nuova rassegna d'arte e di cultura d'avanguardia. Nos. 0,1,1 bis, 2, 3/4, 5/6. (all published). Napoli, Luca, 1963-1967. Original wrappers (tall narrow 4to; illustrated wrappers; first 2 issues on tabloïd size, folded twice, with light wear on the folds).
Directed by Luca Luigi Castellano, published by Edizioni Sud-Arte. Contributions by Andriani, Biasi, Jaguer, Goncalvez, P. Jorre de Saint Jorre, I. Michiels, E. Sanguinetti, F.T. Marinetti, F. Picabia, M. Persico, Toniato von Holten, a.o. Illustrations after Baj, Mesens, di Bello, Man Ray, Picabia, Biasi, Bertini, Kalinowski, Fahlstroem, Sant'Elia, Persico, a.o.
Cover ills.: G. Biasi, M. Persico, G. Moreau. Linea Sud Nos. 0 and 1 in tabloid size. ;Linea Sud No. 2: "PO IO RA MA -spatolaballestrinimiccinigiulianiportapediomatticarregapignottimartinitolagiorgipersicobuenoscgiariluicapoole" Linea Sud No. 3: "NUO VERE ALTADE LLAPIT TURA ANA POLI". Contribs.on Mimmo Paladino, Desidato, Morelli, Matarese, Rubino, Diodato. Linea Sud No. 5/6: Includes 2 loose inserted supplements with a poem by
Ian Hamilton Finlay: 'Nets' (39 x 37,5 cm) & 'Sails' (59 x 37 cm), folded to fit the size of the issue.

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