NBK Videothek (2 Volumes). Neuer Berliner Kunstverein , 1972 , 1973/74 (all publ.) Folded posters in printed portfolios, 21 x 21 cm. The inside cover of 1972 autograph signed by the artists: J. Beuys, K.P.Bremer, K. Hoedicke, W. Kahlen and Vostell. Card portfolios in good condition with very light foxing and wear;spine of 1972 reinforced from the inside. The first porfolio includes the invitation for the opening reception of the Videothek and an announcement for Vostell's films.

EUR 1,500.00

The two portfolios contain folded posters, each 80 x 58 cm, for each of the videos. Detailed information is printed on the reverse of each poster. Includes a textbooklet by Jörs Merkert. -1972: Beuys: Transibirische Eisenbahn 1970 (Cat. Raisonné of posters # 6); K.P.Brehmer,Walkings; K.H.Hödecke:tartaruga a.o.; Wolf Kahlen: Reversible Prozesse; Wolf Vostell (Desastres, 1972). -1973: Cornelia Balcerowiak / K. H. Hödicke / Helmut Wietz, Made in New York, 1973; Richard Hamilton, 1969; Rebecca Horn, Performances I, 1970-72; Taka Imura, Video-Tapes 1970-73; Allan Kaprow, Time Pieces, 1973; Wolf Vostell, dé-coll/age Filme 1963-71.

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