A monthly journal of mail and ephemeral works.

Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). Amsterdam, Other Books & So, (November 1977-October 1978). Each issue between 8 and 16 pp. (31,5 x23 cm), with inserts and collaged items. (Note: Number 5 is present in 2 variants).
Circular Letter (stencilled) by Ulises Carríon (Postmaster) of ERRATIC ART MAIL INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM.

EUR 3,500.00

Seminal mail-art journal, nicely produced with mounted inserts, postcards etc. Sometimes colour added. Edited by Ulisses Caríon, Aart van Barneveld, Salvador Flores. Works by General Idea, Raul Marroquin, Katalin Ladik, Janoz Kass, Guy Schraenen, Judith Hofberg, Wally Stevens, Tóth Gabor, Dick Higgins, Richard Prince (in no 1), etc. No. 5: Padin and Caraballo are in Jail! (This issue present in 2 copies, each with a variant of the illustration mounted on the front). No. 10 «Special Langwe Jart issue» printed in white on black stock. No. 11 «Ungary special» No. 12 «Brazil special»