Revista de poesía y antipoesía.

Segunda época. Sept. de 1956. Buenos Aires, 1956 (all published). (35 x 12,8). (16 pages, sewn in illustrated wrappers, in an original manner, in which some pages fold out twice. With numerous illustrations. Wrapper lighly soiled and some foxing inside, but altogether a very good copy.

EUR 600.00

Actually the third (and last) number of this South-American surrealist-avant garde periodical, of which the first 2 were published in 1952. Edited by: Carlos Latorre, Lulio Lliná. F. J. Madariaga, Enrique Molina, Aldo Pellgrini, J. A. Vasco. With contributions by César Moro, Benjamin Péret, Giselle Prassinos. Texts by Antonin Artaud, Leonora Carrington, Ingemar Gustafson, Enrique Molina, Aldo Pellegrini, Carlos Latorre, Julios Llinás, Olga Orozco, Francisco José Madariaga, Blamca Varela, José Antonio Vasco. Important illustrations by Juan Estban Fassio, Enrique Molina, Alvaro Rodríguez, Julio Llinás, Martha Peluffo, Carlos Latorre. (Lafleur p. 260).

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