Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). London, Writers Forum, 1971-1973. Mimeographed, 32 pages per issue, stapled in illustrated covers; 29,5x21 cm.( Light soiling and some discoloration and rubbing to the spines, otherwise good copies).
Das Grosse Lalula [Broadside Poster for a 1971 Event for Kroklok at ICA]
by Morgenstern, Christian
Fundamental magazine for Sound Poetry, edited by Dom Sylvester Houédard, published by Writers Forum, advised by Henri Chopin, Stefan Themerson and Bob Cobbing. Experimental typography and illustrations. Contributors (and texts by): D.S. Houédard; C. Morgenstern; R. Hausmann; Lewis Carroll; E. Jandl; F.T. Marinetti; Bob Cobbing; F. DeVree; P. Claire; J. Kerouac ; F. Dufrene; M. Seuphor; P. Scheerbart; G. Severini; T. Van Doesburg; E. Gomringer; P. Albert-Birot; M. Seuphor; H. Chopin; M. Ray; N. Mills; B. Gysin; Iliazd; P. Finch; E. Jandl; P. Greenham; H. Heissenbuttel; A. Stramm; M. Grant; S. Hanson; Four Horsemen; D. Toop; J.P. Ward; L. Upton and others.