(and the Mongul Review)

Nos. 1-2 (all. publ.). Athens, London, Spring 1965-Spring 1966. Original wrappers. No. 1 is inscribed by Richter, with the addition of his mailing address to the verso of the title page. Together with: the original publisher's prospectus for the first issue, mailed from Highgate by Dan Richter to Pete Brown "c/o New Departures", and with a short note to him requesting "help in circulating these". Single sheet, folded once, printed on both sides in black on blue stock. 50x17.5cm. (unfolded). Reproduces a selection of illustrations from the first issue and a list of the contributors Added: feltpen drawing in black and orange by an unknown artist.(19,5x14cm).
Ed. by Daniel Richter. Includes in No. 2 the first issue of 'The Mongol Review' (all publ.). with contribs. by Lamantia, Ginsberg, Norse, Ford, Marie Wilson, Burroughs, Trocchi, Corso, etc .
No. 1 (Spring 1965): Allen Ginsberg (including the first appearance of "On The Roof" from Journals 18th April 1964, and "Seabattle of Salamis Took Place Off Perama"); Harold Norse; Philip Lamantia; George Andrews; Charles Henri Ford; "Notes on the Use of Hashish" by Sheldon Cholst; and a lengthy excerpt from "LSD-748" by Kay Johnson.
No. 2 (Spring 1966): Published by the Trigram Press in London. Contributors include William Burroughs; Gregory Corso; Gerard Malanga; Harold Norse; Harry Fainlight; Simon Vinkenoog; Jeff Nuttall; Jean-Jacques Lebel; the only appearance in print of chapter one of Alexander Trocchi's unpublished novel, "The Long Book".

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