FIRE EXIT (The Magazine of the New Poet's Theatre)

Numbers 1-4 and 5 broadsides (all published). Cambridge & Boston, Fire Exit 1968-1974. Four numbered issues,orig. stapled wrappers, plus five folded unnumbered broadside issues.
Edited by William Corbett and Fanny Howe. Began as "The Magazine of the New Poet's Theatre," Contributions by James Tate, Andrew Wylie, Jim Harrison, Corbett, Tim Reynolds, Sam Cornish, Robert Creeley, John Wieners, Clark Coolide, and Russell Banks. The magazine continued from number 4 as a folded broadside featuring the work of one or more writers and artists. Philip Guston did the cover of one, another entire issue was devoted to the work of Susan Howe. Simic, Olson, Wieners, Michael Palmer, John Yau would all appear in other issues. Secret Location (p. 275) lists the four issues + four broadside issues, the run here offers the four plus FIVE broadside issues