Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes.

Nos. 2-8 (=all published, no. 7 never appeared and No. 1 was a stencilled pamphlet of 2 pages only). Amsterdam (selfpublished), stencilled and stapled (Nos. 2 and 4 with handmade covers). Size: 28x22 cm, except nos. 4 and 6 which are smaller, 22x13,5 cm. No. 8 is stencilled, list of publications. Together with: Numéro hors-série. Décembre 1966, 312 pp.: Lautréamont in Nederland, by Her de Vries (stencilled, green covers, stapled (more or less replacing unpublished No. 7)
Then continued as: (Series 2) Nouvelle série: Nos. 1-8 (last publ.). Stencilled sheets, stapled within printed illustrated white boards (except No. 1 which has beige covers imprinted "Courant de Force!!"). Size: 27,5x21,5 cm. All in good condition (no. 7 upper side of frontcover sunned, very light soilage to others).
With a signed copy of the text for the opening of the exhibition "Surrealistische Onmoetingen"in Leiden, 1961 (no. 21 of 25 published); a special issue being "De Witte Schelp", maart 1977, for the Exhibition in Galerie Bouma, Amsterdam (Rik Lina, Raúl Perez, Cruzeiro Seixas, Philip West), a (slightly stained) copy of "Op Engelvoeten, à Pas de loup", Eds/Surréalistes Brumes Blondes, 1975 (this would be the unnumbered no. 9 of the journal), and some stencilled pamphlets (detailed below).

EUR 1,300.00

The only surrealist periodical published in The Netherlands, edited by Her de Vries and Laurens van Krevelen (Laurens Vancrevel). Published by their "Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes" in very small editions (the early issues only in 50 copies). No. 2 with the enclosure Realiteiten in Neder/Hol/land 2. 8 pp. No.6 entitled
Afgekloven Opperhoofden, is a polemic against Podium, in particular against Camille Houckaert (= W.F. Hermans) and Remco Campert. No. 8 is the list of publications of the Bureau; Contributions by the editors, Raymond Soriano, Peter Berger, Karel Sebek, Leo Garet, Mario Botas, Georges Gronier, Ted Joans, Arnost Budík (La deuxième "Renaissance Surréaliste " en Tchecoslovaquie), a.o. Illustrations by Paul Louwers, J.H. Moesman, Kristians Tonny, Schlechter Duvall, Rik Lina & Jan. G. Elburg. Wolfgang Cordan, Edouard Jaguer, Jan Elburg, Octavio Paz, a.o. Front-covers by E.F. Granell, Philip West a.o. The added pamphlets are: "Toute und Vie" in French and in Dutch, rememberance to Breton, 28 sept.1966; De Wederopstanding van King Kong, Surreële paasboodschap 1968 (signed by the Surrealistische Groep in Nederland); Le Surréalisme d'abord et toujours"(avril 1969) Onze ogen leven in het wild"(juni 1969). Complete sets are quite rare.

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