Revista de poesia.

Nos. 1-12/13, 16/17, 18. Buenos Aires, Oct./Dec. 1979 - enero/junio 1988. Original pictorial wrappers, in generally good to excellent contion. Added are some small bookl;ets and leaflet of the press.

EUR 1,100.00

Edited by Gustavo M. Margulies and Victor F.A. Redondo. Contributions by Mario Morales, Alfonso Sola González, Vicente Huidobro, Jorge Zunino, Horacio Zabaljáuregui, Maurice Blanchot, Raul Gustavo Aguirre, Eduardo A. Azcuy, Eduardo Alvarez Tuñón Victor F.A. Redondo, Roberto G. Scrugli, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Jaime Saenz, Maurice Blanchot Maria del Rosario Sola a.o. Illustrations by Pablo Schugurensky a.o.