L’actualité du mois en images

UN REGARD SUR LE MONDE: Libération moderne. L’actualité du mois en images. No. 0 (janvier 1978), continued as: UN REGARD MODERNE. L’actualité du mois en images. Nos.1 - 5 (all published). Paris, Libération, Bazooka,12 Mars - 5 juillet 1978. Tabloïds, with occasional colour added. Well preserved set in spite of the fragile newsprint, only small tears to the edges. TOGETHER WITH: Poster (30 x 42 cm), printed in colour, announcing the publication of the second number of the journal.

EUR 4,000.00

This spectacularly designed ultra-left illustrated journal marks the end of a period of subversive action in Paris. It was directed by Alain Bizos following a concept by Loulou Picasso. Edited and graphically designed by the group Bazooka, consisting (i.a.) of Olivia Clavel, Loulou Picasso, Kiki Picasso, and Lulu Larsen, including contributions by Bernard Vidal, Jean Rouzaud. Published with assistance of the daily Libération. The group, with ultra-left Maoist sympathy was formed in the aftermath of May 68.

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