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Nos. 1-13 (complete set, all published), all first editions, in excellent condition, some signed. Mimeographed sheets in varying colour, side stapled (27,8x21,5 cm). Printed, published & edited by Ed Sanders at a secret Statue of Liberty Blowup scene in the Lower East Side, New York City. "Total Assault on the Culture. God thru Cannabis. The LSD Communarium. Grope for Peace". (See: A secret location, p.166-168).
ADDED: - publicity Leaflet: Fuck You Press Mimeograph Print: promotional leaflet on yellow stock: Fuck You Magazine of the Arts, Fuckpress. Promoting pornography thru its subsidfiary, The Lady Dick-Head Advertizing Company.
TOGETHER WITH: THE FUCK YOU QUOTE OF THE WEEK. Nos. 1 - 3 (all publ.) together as follows: The Fuck You/ Quote of the Week.
No. 1. New York, Sept. 7, 1964. A FUCK YOU/press publication. Leaflet stencilled, pink-tinted paper. Size 28 x 21,5 cm - The Fuck You/ Quote of the Week.
No. 2. New York, Sept. 16, 1964. A FUCK YOU/press publication. Leaflet stencilled, pink-tinted paper. Size 28 x 21,5 cm - The Fuck You/ Quote of the Week.
No. 3. New York, Sept. 23, 1964. A FUCK YOU/press publication. Leaflet stencilled, pink-tinted paper. Size 28 x 21,5 cm.

EUR 28,000.00

Edited by Ed Sanders. One of the most influential publications of the early 1960s, a mimeographed journal founded by Ed Sanders " to publish writing that would deliberately provocative". Sanders was a Beat poet, a member of the proto-punk band The Fugs, and proprietor of Peace Eye Books, the legendary East Village underground bookshop. Fuck You initially emphasized poetry but then expanded its range to include a broader range of writing, work by artists, political material, etc. It was one of the first to advocate free sex and psychedelic drugs, to form the Beat Generation and the New York avant-garde which laid the groundwork for the countercultural movements of the Sixties. There were 13 issues printed from 1962 through 1965: numbers 1-4, and number 5, volumes 1-9. (Sanders had initially stated there would be 5 issues, but later changed his mind, leading to this strange numbering system). Vol. 5 no 8 stands out as the most notorious: Andy Warhol provided the cover, a still from his film Couch depicting an interracial ménage à trois between Gerard Malanga, Rufus Collins and Kate Heliczer. The cover of each copy is a Thermofax, and is regarded by collectors as an original Warhol print. After Warhol produced the Thermofaxes, Ed Sanders stapled them together with the other mimeograph printed sheets to produce the issue. Thermofax paper is very fragile and copies of this issue are often seen with the cover in tatters, or missing altogether. This copy, despite several minor chips, creases, and closed tears, is in much better than usual condition. On offer here is an unusually good set of this important beat/ poetry journal at the beginning of the "mimeograph revolution". All numbers in very good to near mint condition and the Warhol-issue (5 no 8), near mint, three numbers SIGNED by Sanders (i.e. Nos 4,5/1 and 5/5), and 5 no 9 in BOTH regular and rare expanded edition).
- No. 1. [1962]. Undated; mimeographed on green paper, stapled. Very good condition. Cover by Sanders. Contributions by Jean Morton, Allen Hoffman, Melson Barr: "Send me your banned manuscripts, your peace-grams, your cosmic data. I'll stomp out more issues as soon as material, money, jail etc. permit)".
- No. 2. April 1962. Mimeographed orange/pinkish sheets, unpaginated. Good condition with light soiling here and there. About 35 pages, typewritten and printed content. --In this issue: Mad men ! Content by Ed Sanders, Margaret X, Eric Weinberger, Bob Gore, Jim Forest, Nelson Barr. Issued after Mr. Sanders release from Jail. The last page is loose from the staples but present and accounted for. The last statement is an editor's note; "Send me yr goddamn manuscripts. Cut me in on yr freak-beams. I'll print anything."
- No. 3. June 1962. Mimeographed, orange/ pinkish paper and stapled. Minor creasing and wear. Contributions from Penny X, Al Fowler, Bob K, John Harriman, Nelson Barr, and Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg.
- No. 4. August 1962. [1962]. Mimeographed sheets, printed on green paper. stapled. SIGNED BY ED SANDERS on the title page. Fine condition. --With contributions by Carol Berge, Michael McClure, John Weiners, Tuli Kupferberg, Ray Bremser, Taylor Mead, Jackson Mac Low, John Keys, and others. Followed by No. 5 (which is repeated on all further issues, followed by a volume number.
- (5) No. 5, Vol. 1. December 1962. Signed by editor / publisher / printer ED SANDERS. Mimeographed pink sheets, stapled. Contributors include Charles Olson, Lenore Kandellm Ed Marshall, Makr Samara, Mary Mayo, Nelson Barr, a.o. Very nice clean copy.
- (6) No. 5, Vol. 2. December 1962. (sic! Dated similar to the previous one, certainly by error). Mimeographed pink sheets, stapled. Contributors include John Wieners, Ray Bremser, Taylor Mead, Tuli Kupferberg, Carol Berge, Paul Blackburn, et al. Few small and one larger stains on front cover and small stain on back cover; re-stapled,internally in very good condition.
- (7) No. 5, Vol. 3. May 1963. Salmon colored, stapled, very lightly stained with small paperloss at back upper corner.otherwise very good. Contribs. by Lenore Kandel, Rochelle Owens, Peter Orlovsky, Jean Forest, Marc Samara, Carol berge, Ray Bremser, Joel Oppenheimer, Bob Kaye, J. Socin, al Katzman, John Thomas, Barbara Moraff, Nancy Ellison, John Keys, Martin Segal, Taylor Mead, Jackson Mac Low, Szabo, and Nelson Barr.
- (8) No. 5, Vol. 4. Mimeographed grey sheets, stapled. Contributors include Ed Sanders, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure, Carol Berge, Lenore Kandel, Joel Oppenheimer, Al Fowler, Paul Blackburn, and others. Couple of staples missing but cover attached and still solid, else near fine.
- (9) No. 5 Vol. 5. December 1963. Mimeographed pink sheets, stapled. Light edge wearto upper part of front page neer spine, else fine. Cover art by Sanders. SIGNED by ED SANDERS on cover. Published just days after Kennedy’s assassination. This issue dedicated to, "Queen Marijuana bestower of peace," and "all those groped by J. Edgar Hoover in the silent halls of Congress." Includes Allen Ginsberg’s “The Change.” Sanders describes the hand-drawn-on-stencil image from the “Notes on Contributors” page that “summed up my philosophy-king stance in the fall of ’63 (Sanders, p. 52). . Title page reads: "Published by The Lower East Side Guild of Motherfuckers & Poets. Ed Sanders: printer, bricker, editor, collater, stomper & primus inter motherfuckers." Contributors included Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg (also of the Fugs), Carol Berge, John Wieners, Andy Warhol, Ray Bremser, Lenore Kandel, Charles Olson, Joel Oppenheimer, Peter Orlovsky, Philip Whalen, Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Huncke, Julian Beck, Frank O'Hara, Leroi Jones, Diane Di Prima, William Burroughs, Gary Snyder, Robert Kelly, Judith Malina, Carl Solomon, Gregory Corso, Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley, Michael McClure, Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Gilbert Sorrentino, and many other avant garde poets of the ‘60 This issue dedicated to, "Queen Marijuana bestower of peace," and "all those groped by J. Edgar Hoover in the silent halls of Congress."
- (10) No. 5 Vol. 6. -Mimeographed pink sheets, stapled. With mild edgewear. Contributors include Allen Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, Peter Orlovsky, Diane Di Prima,Szabo, Leroi Jones,and others.
- (11) No. 5, Vol. 7. September 1964. Mimeographed sheets of different colour,front cover grey, stapled. Cover by Robert LaVigne. This issue dedicated to "Acapulco Gold, Joy-Spurts in the Cosmos, Lower East Side mishuganas" and more. Contributions by Philip Lamantia, William Burroughs, Antonin Artaud, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Olson, Gregory Corso, Gary Snyder, Carl Solomon, Norman Mailer, et al. One of the best and most substantive issues---. A fine, fresh copy.
- (12) No. 5, vol. 8. March 1965. The "Third Anniversary Mad Motherfucker Issue! Cover by ANDY WARHOL !! From his evil Couch movie", being an original thermofax print. New York, Fug Press. 76 sheets, mimeographed on various colour paper, with the thermofax front cover. 4to.; staple-bound; mimeograph illustrations throughout variously colored pages; Thermofax upper wrapper is in mint condition.
- (13) Vol. 5 no 9 (Number 13 and LAST PUBLISHED of the whole numbering). June/July 1965. 46 pages, mimeographed on various coloured paper, side-stapled. In near-fine condition (a few faint stains on the back wrapper. This number is complete with 46 pages, BUT we also offer the variant, which has an additional 5 pages by David Henderson, see below ). Contributions by Joe Brainard, Pindar, Tom Veitch, Harry Fainlight, Gilbert Sorrentino, John Wieners, Van Buskirk, Szabo, Taylor Mead, Robert Kelly, Lenore Kandel, Al Fowler, Janine Pommey, Ted Berrigan (reviews Norman Mailer's An American Dream. This issue published on page 5 the image by Joe Brainard.
- (13 variant) Vol. 5 no 9: This is the VARIANT of this issue WITH 5 MORE PAGES (David Henderson). (Number 13 and LAST PUBLISHED of the whole numbering). June/July 1965. 51 pages (instead of the regular 46 as it contains 5 additional pages (with pagination 28; 3/16,; 6/16; 9/16; 12/16;15/16 printing David Henderson "Raymond A. Wood, the faceless Negro cop"), mimeographed on various coloured paper, side-stapled (lightly stained on the front; re-stapled, leaving small holes from previous staples on front and back covers).

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