Nos. 1 - 10 (all published). San Franciso, Ventura, Pasadena /California, 1993 - 2004. ( No. 4 - 10 in this set are one of 26 lettered copies signed by many of the contributors, No. 4 was shot and kissed by Hunter Thompson). There were no lettered copies for the first three issues: no. 1 was limited to 100 copies, nos. 2 & 3 were limited to 200 copies each. Formats vary from Velo-bound sheets to items enclosed in a box. This set in very fine condition, with some important related material added(see below).

EUR 7,500.00

A complete run of this opulent "magazine" of art and literature. Edited by Johnny Brewton. Every issue is an assembling put together by hand, and features an exciting array of inserts, tip-ins, stickers, broadsides, chapbooks, flexdiscs, photographs, unusual graphics, x-rays, art objects, and fold-outs. Contributions include previously unpublished material by Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson (Issue 4), Richard Brautigan, Bern Porter, Billy Childish, Mark Faigenbaum, John Held, Jr., Dan Fante, Michael Montfort, A. D. Winans, Gerald Locklin, Jack Micheline, Allen Ginsberg, Johnny Brewton, Neeli Cherkovski, Wanda Coleman, Ruth Weiss, Hubert Selby, and many others.
- With an important addition: many of the prospectuses and announcements from X-Ray are present (in total ca. 30 various pieces, addressed to the former subscriber/participant to this set. These include 1 a.l.s.postcard, 3 t.l.s. , X-Ray spare-parts; x-ray Box #1 Mark Faigenbaum, etc.).

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