Nos. 1-28 (all publ.). Fairfax: Red Hill Press, 1971-1981. Tabloïd size, on good paper, in 20 physical issues.
A Collection of Poetry, Translations, Reviews & Statements, edited by Paul Vangelisti and John McBride. Largely devoted to foreign avant-garde poetry in translation (mostly by Vangelisti or Hirschman), also featuring many American poets of the day. Photographs on cover by Tony Spadarella, Robert Gumpert, Lewis W.Hine group, Giuliana della Casa, Contributors include Charles Bukowski, Guillevic, Blazek, Jack Hirschman, Pier-PaoloPasolini, Charles Wright, Paul Malanga, Henri Michaux, Charles Price, Sam Hamill, Gerda Pendolfd, René Daumal, Kenneth Rexroth, Paul Eluard, Tristann Tzara, Huidobro,and many others. Number 6 is an all Artaud issue. Vangelisti , broadside "Air" present in Number 8, Later issues have contributions by many of the concrete & visual poetry people: Spatola, Julien Blaine, etc.

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