Avant Garde Art Review. The future art journal.

Vol. 1-3 no. 4 (probably all published in print). New York, March 1988-May 1990. Illustrated, 4to. Together 16 numbers. Added: 3 signed typewritten letters adressed to 'Robert' by the editor, a leaflet of the Agar Show at the San Francisco Art Institute, and an invitation to a private preview signed by Soreff.
The ongoing set of 'The future art journal', a conceptual artwork by editor/artist Stephen s'Soreff (Publ. Div.ProArt). "Its form is intended to add the areas of prediction, speculation, and suggestion to existing art commentary. It's contents consists of specific predictions, speculations, or suggestions in the form of art-reviews of art-works, techniques or materials, which may exists in the future". "The artists and the arts materials are fictional". "The intent of these is visionary suggestion, to the imaginative, of what art could be in the future". Special issues as:
Artists in Arms, Artist in the Sky with Crystals, Artist Makes Waves, Art Infinitum?, Artist joins army, Astric Art?", etc.
Added: 3 signed letters by the editor and a leaflet of the Agar Show at the San Francisco Art Institute. Most numbers are one single sheet. Vol. 3 no 4 is a special issue of 4 pages. The added letters are adressed to 'Robert' by the editor (one dated 1979, another dated 1984).

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