A PAINTING. A Spanner Magazine Special issue. London (UK), Spanner 1981. (Printed by Allen Fisher): 25x19,5 cm, stapled, unpaginated. Thermostencil. Together with: CLOTHES. A Spanner magazine Special issue London: Spanner, 1983. 30 x 21 cm 130 pp stapled into paper covers.

EUR 250.00

Edited by Allen Fisher. - A painting contains 76 sheets thermostencilled onto 38 sheets on waste and scrap paper left over from printing. Contributions by B. Cobbing, R. Crozier, K. Groh, L. Upton and others. - Clothes contains work from (Mallarmé), Pierre Joris, Geraldine Monk, Charles Bernstein, Johanna Drucker, Marshal MacLuhan, Mike Gibbs, Bruce Andrews, Dorothy Crane, BillSherman, Diane Ward, Bob Cobbing, Jean Baudrillard and others.