EXPERIMENTAL POETRY MOVEMENT - ESCUELA DEL ESPIRITU EXPERIMENTAL. A collection of ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and ARTWORK connected with the Experimental Poetry Journals. All are related to Tilo WENNER (1921-1976, one of the initiators and most important members of the Movement. He was a victim of the regime and disappeared in 1976. The collection was acquired from his daughter.). - An original design-paste up by Tilo Wenner for a proposed cover of KA-BA, which was not used, executed in black and white gouache with collaged lettering in yellow, on a dark red underground pasted on black card (20 x 24 cm. - An original design by Tilo Wenner for a proposed (not used) cover of KA-BA , black ink drawing on beige paper (20x26 cm), image of 20x18,6 and the title KA-BA next to it. On the verso in his handwriting: "September 9, 1958: Deuxième lettre a mes amis….Notre Ka_Ba sera essentiellement l'organe de nos experiences (Massa, Caravaglia, Loyacono et moi) et des autres poètes et peintres….." - The original typewriter-script of a text by Paul Yvenez 'Je sais comme tout le monde' (translated 'Yo so etc") and published with illustration in PAMELA by Tilo Wenner) - An original pamphlet signed by Wenner, Massa, Loyacono, Rinaldi, Garacaglia: "La causas intolerables". Stencilled typewritten text. - Pamphlet "Exactamo. Maison des mots, fondée en 1960, Paris (8, rue Joseph-de-Maistre, Partis, 18) . Texts commencing with 'Nous vous donnons le mot.'" Printed on green paper (21x13,5 cm) - 6 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS in black ink by Tilo WENNER.

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