Art contemporain/Contemporary Art.

Nos. 1-125 (all published sofar, publication suspended). Montreal,1975 - January 2007. Original pictorial wrappers. Plus Duane Michels special issue. (No.55 frontcover and first pages waterdamaged, No. 3, 11 and 16 in xerox-copies).
Parachute was founded by René Blouin and Chantal Pontbriand, who met at Véhicule, one of the first artist-run centres in Canada, (together with A Space and the Western Front) and the Research Group in Arts Administration. It became one of the leading journals on contemporary and modern art dealing with architecture, artists books, curating, music, painting, photography, artists projects, sculpture, theatre, video. Contributions (in French and English) by: George Bogardi, Chantal Darcy, France Morin, Roland Poulin, Marc Dachy, Philip Fry, Robert Racine, Andrew Forster, Marine Meilleur, a.o.

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