The Association for the Study of Arts. Poetry music art.

Nos. 1-6 (all). Tokyo, 1965-1972. Original wrappers. Added: 1969 ASA Tokyo 1969 ( 12 pages, cover in red and blue); 1971 ASA International Exhibition catalogue 'spatialisme / concrete poetry' (16 pp). Minor wear and soilage, excellent set, very rare.

EUR 3,000.00

Important visual and concrete art and poetry journal, with texts primarily in Japanese, with occasional english and french. With numerous illustrations and visual petry. Edited by Seiichi Niikuni. Numbers 1 and 2 have 48 resp. 44 unnumbered pages stapled between typographical wrapper, later issues have ca. 64 pages each; text in Japanese (title, names and a few texts in English); with ills. No. 1 cover printed in black: Contribs.incl.: Seiichi Niikuni, Fujitomi, L.C.Vinholes, Toshikkiko Simizu, Pierre Garnier, Décio Pignatari, Edgard Braga, Harold de Campos, etc.; No. 2 cover printed in red: Niikuni, Fujitomi, Shimizu, Garnier, Seiko Kanno, Max Bense, Vinholes, etc. ; No. 3:'Poetry, music, art.' Contribs. incl.: Niikuni, Fujitomi, Alain Arias-Mission, J. Blain, Bremer, Garnier, Kamimura ('Situation on concrete poetry in Germany), Tsukada, a.o. No. 4: 'Spatialisme / Concrete Poetry', showing work of Yamanaka, Bory, Carl Fernbach, Allain Arias, o.a. No. 5: 'Spatialisme and Concrete Poetry' with an article on an exhibition in the 'Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam': Sound texts, concrete poetry, visual texts. Contribs. by Pierre Garnier, Jochen Gerz, Alain Arias-Misson, Harry Guest, Sapin, Hideo Kajino, Ian Hamilton, a.o. No. 6: 'Spatialisme / Concrete Poetry' with articles by Eugen Gomringer (Poesie als Mittel der Umweltgestaltung), Seiichi Niikuni (Language and photographs in a poem) and work of Gerz, Arias-Misson, Kamimura, Bory, Parmiggani, Jiri Valochs, a.o. (A 7th volume was apparently published at the Tenth Anniversary of the ASA group, around 1974, but is not included in this set).

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