A literary quarterly sponsored by English Carmelites.

Collection of 5 concrete/visual poetry numbers related to Dom Silvester Houedard , published 1963-1965: Aylesford Priory: St Albert’s Press, 1964. Stapled wrappers, slightly dusty, but good copies. (Detail below)
Important for concrete and visual poetry for the collaboration of Dom Silvester Houedard.
Volume V No.3 Summer 1963 .Aylesford Priory: St Albert’s Press, 1963.. Includes ‘Beat and Afterbeat - Poetry and Theology’ by Dom Silvester Houedard
Volume VI No. 2 Spring 1964. Includes Review of Reviews: Cisatlantic Scenery by Dom Silvester Houedard Volume
VI No.3 Summer / Autumn 1964. Includes ‘To Freshen our Sense of the Language’ by Dom Silvester Houedard.
Volume VI No.4 Winter 1964-65 . With inserted printed xmas poem on folded card by Dom Silvester Houedard
Volume VII No.I Spring 1965.