Magazine (Zeitschrift für Jazz und Anderes. Hrsg. Galerie Seide)

YARDBIRD. Nos. 1-6. Hannover 1959-1961 (all under this title). In the original wrappers. Continued as:
DER EGOIST. Nos. 7-17 (all publ.), Frankfurt, n.d. (1965?)-1970. In the original stiff wrappers.
Continued as: DER NEUE EGOIST. Nos. 1-2 (all publ.). Frankfurt/Hannover, (n.d.,1975-1976). In gold-coloured orig. wrappers.
All issues are complete with thir belonging graphic or art supplements.
The whole set in good condition for this fragile publication. All ca. 32,5 x 23,5 cm.

EUR 5,000.00

An art and art promotional publication of the Avant-Garde Galerie Seide. Published almost single-handedly by the Gallerist Seide himself, causing several anomalies in the numbering and pagination. We can offer a full set ,printed and produced under Seides supervision, mimeographed and printed in offset, at first in Hannover. After his move to Frankfurt the journal was produced in a larger, more commercial edition. The last issue published by Melzer Verlag, but immediately there after publication was discontinued. The first series (Yardbird) with orig. artwork on the covers and supplements (Zinklithografien) by Igael Tumarkin, Carl Buchheister, Günter Drehbusch, Helmut Scholz (loose in no. 4, signed), Raimund Girke (2 of 3 in no 5.) Arnulf Rainer (in no. 6, signed), Hermann Goepfert, Robert Michel. Thomas Bayrle, etc. Articles on contemporary art and artists, also on Jazz (Peter Kasten). The successor "Der Egoist" later "Neue Egoist" was printed in offset, and bound in white stiff card wrappers with an illustration - No. 7. 1965. 44 pp, in typographic wrappers. incl.several illustrated pages. With signed lithography (56/200) by Raimund Girke. Contribs. By Werner Schreib, HJ Precht, Peter Iden, J.A.Thwaites, etc. - No. 8. n.d. (1966). 32 + XX pages, in illustrated stiff wrappers. With graphic supplement by Ygael Tumarkin also monograph 8 on Tumarkin - No. 9 , 1966. 22 + XX pages. With graphic supplement by Hermann Goepfert (by Produktionsgruppe X Nummer 23/500 der I. Auflage, signed and with stamp on verso). - No. 10. n.d. (1967). 50 page in illustrated stiff wrappers. With montage by Robert Michel & Ella Bergmann. Egozentrisches Manifest by Timm Ulrichs. - - No. 11. März 1967. 3.Jahrgang Heft 1. With a serigraphy by Jef Verheyen - No. 12. September 1967. 3.Jahrgang Heft 2. Hommage à Albert Schulze Vellinghausen. With orig.serigraphy by Raimund Girke - No.13. Nov. 1967. Hommage à Lucio Fontana. Hrsg. Adam Seide. 7 pages in stiff boards. "Weiße Manifest" von L. Fontana with portrait; Contributions by Heinz Mack, Herman Goepfert, Wieland Schmied, Kurt Leonhard, Otto Piene, - No. 14. 1968 (1.Quartal, 4.Jahrgang, should be 9 th year). 46 pages in illustrated card wrappers. With Graphic supplement by Christian Megert. Devoted to art in Switzerland. Contribs.: J.A.Thwaites,Tuli Kupferberg, Peter Handke.Willoughby Sharp, etc. - No. 15.1968 (2.Quartal 1968). 50 pages in illustrated card wrappers. With Lithography by Herman de Vries. Issue devoted to Art in The Netherlands, contr.many important dutch authors in translation, Provo documentation, etc - No. 16. (1.Heft 10.Jahrgang). 30 pages in illustrated card wrappers. Mostly dedicated to Thomas Bayrle. With Lithography by Bayrle. - No. 17. (Heft 1/1970,11.Jahgang). 64 pages in illustrated card wrappers. Mostly dedicated to Werner Schreib complete with the lithograph loosely laid in. The first commercially published issue (by Melzer Verlag), at the same time the last till continuation as - Neue Egoist No. 1 with signed lithograph by Leiv Warren Donnan - Neue Egoist No. 2 with signed lithograph by Thomas Bayrle.

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