Vol. 1 no 1 (Spring 1968) - Volume 12 (1979). Grosseteste Press. A collection of 30 issues/books/volumes All about 22 x 14 cm. in the original printed or illustrated wrappers, fine condition.

EUR 1,200.00

Edited by Tim Longville. Grosseteste Press was set up by John Riley in 1966 with his friend Tim Longville. Some issues were published jointly with other publishers. Some of these are limited editions and numbered. The publication pattern is a bit erratic. Published in 3 or 4 numbers per volume, or in complete volumes; volumes 9 and 11 have only 2 issues, we have not been able to ascertain if these are complete. Publishes work by Richard Brautigan, Gael Turnbull, William Bronk, Cid Corman, Hugh Kenner, Tim Longville, Elisabeth Rothwell, Philp Garrison,George Oppen, Carl Rakosi, Charles Tomlinson, John Riley, etc.