Cuadernos internacionales de documentacion sobre la poesia y el arte de vanguardia.

No. 1-3 (= last published). Buenos Aires, May, June 1958 - July 1960. Original illustrated wrappers; 4to. Illustrated
Together with: Catalogue- Exposition Boa-Phases. Confrontacion internacional de arte experimental. Museo Provincial de bellas artes Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez, Santa Fe, 4-20 June 1959. Original wrappers.
Together with: Announcement of an exposition: Grupo ­ BOA. Diez años después. Text by Julio Llinas. Sociedad Hebraica Argentina. Buenos Aires 1969, 4 pp. (14 x 12,2 cm). The first number in good condition, but for some soilage and marginal dampstains, lightly shaven and right-bottom corner dogeared; the second number and the Phases-Catalogue in excellent condition, the third number with light shaving on the back-cover, otherwise in excellent condition.

EUR 3,000.00

Complete set of this Argentine avant-garde periodical of the Group BOA, close to 'Phases', directed by Julio Linás; covers illustrated by Kazuya Sakai, E. Scanavino, M. Peluffo, Karl-Otto Götz and Juan Langlois. Contributions include: J. Linas, E. Jaguer, O. Girondo, A. Pellegrini:
"Wolfgang Paalen", G. Luea, E. Sanguineti, B. Rybak, G. Henein, Jacques Lacomblez:
"A Wifredo Lam", S. Dangelo, R. Giguère, Ghérasim Luca, J. Hérold, L. Soederberg, J.J. Lebel, Jean Pierre Duprey, F. Madariaga, A. Porchia, F. Urondo, R. Alonso, M. Trejo, E. Bayley, M. de Lima Sousa etc. Reproducing work of Sakai, Chab, Borda Peluffo, Miguens, Gianni Bertini, Corneille, Y. Tabuchi, E. Schumacher, E. Baj a.o. [Lafleur, Provenzano, Alonso p. 245, 262]

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