Revista. Asociación de Arte Concreto Invencion.

Numero 1 (of 2 publ.) Agosto de 1946. Buenos Aires, 1948. Original selfwrappers, illustrated; 16 pages (28,5 x 19,8 cm). Stapled in the spine; with very light soiling and a minimal chip to a corner of the front cover, in fact a fine copy, and COMPLETE WITH Suplemento Poesía (Edgar Bayley/ Simon Contreras (4 pages, 24,5x16,5 cm, printed on different paper) and the Errata-sheet: Fe de erratas (10x21,5 cm). - - TOGETHER WITH: - Exposición Arte Concreto Invención. Octubre 1946 ­ Invitation. (4 pages 14,8X 10,5 cm) - Asociación de Arte Concreto Invención. Invención - Arte Concreto ­ Invención. Recto/verso, 2 pp. (23x16 cm) - Manifiesto de los Pintores Constructivos de Argentina ­Chile y Uruguay. Septiembre 1962. Mimeographed manifest, typewritten, 34x21,5 cm; printed on one side only. Copy with the name of Raul Lozza in handwriting/blue ink and red pencil; small tears to the sides over the middle-fold, light browning, otherwise excellent. - Arte Concreto ­ Invención. Sociedad Hebraica Argentina ­ Prologue by Ignacio Pirovano. 1963. Invitation to the exposition. Printed in black and yellow; 4 pages, 12,3x14 cm. - FORUM. Once Pintores Constructivos ­ Prologue by Maria Laura San Martín. Septiembre 1966. 4 pages (19x16,5), copy of Raul Lozza; light staining to the outside. - Homenaje a la Vanguardia Argentina década del 40. Text by Nelly Perazzo ­ Poster (36, 5 x17cm). Printed in blue. Junio ­ Julio 1976. Faint folds on the lower part, but otherwise excellent condition. - Nelly PERRAZO: Arte Concreto ­ Madi ­ Perceptismo. A mimeographed typwritten text of 4 pages, stapled in left upper corner. - Agencia Espanola de cooperacion internacional, POSTER printed in blue and black on white paper: A 50 años de la Asociación ‘’Arte Concreto ­ Invención ‘’. I. C. I. Julio 1995. Folded thee times, in excellent clean condition.

EUR 2,400.00

Important collection of this very rare journal with interesting added material. .Edited by Edgar Bayley, Simon Contreras Alfredo Hlito, Raul Lozza; with contributions by and illustrating works of Tomás Maldonado, Alberto Molemberg, Raúl Lozza, Alfredo Hlito, Enio Iommi, Lidy Prati, and others. Contains the 'Manifiesto Invencionista Marzo 1946', also 'Notas para una estética materialista'(Hlito); 'Sobre invencion poetica'(Bayley); 'Haia una Musica Invencionists'(Lozza), 'Lo abstracto y lo concreto en el arte moderno'(Maldonado), etc.; the first of two numbers published..

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