Issues 1 and 3. New York, Four Swords, 1969. Tabloïds. Newsprint. No. 1: December 1, 41x29 cm, 20 pages. No. 3: December 31, 43x29 cm, 20 pages.
Editors: Lige Clark and Jack Nichols. Related to Screw, Wizards: Jim Buckley and Al Goldtstein. Opening article on the Anti-War march, including the Gay Liberation Front. The Editors Speak: GAY is pleased to welcome you to a new experience in the field of publishing: a newspaper which is interesting, entertaining and informative on its own account, and not simply because it deals with the tabooed world of the homosexually-inclined. In fact GAY believes that there is only one world, and that labels and categories such as homosexual and heterosexual will some day pas away leaving human beings who, like this publication, will be liked and appreciated not because of sexual orientation, but because they are themselves interesting.