International Review for Poetic Research in Anthropological Art. Edited by Toni Ferro and Sue Melikian. Folio internazionale di ricerca poetica dell’arte antropologica.

Numbers 1-2 (all published). 1983. - "Peresempio"” Il Sogno. "for example the dream", march ’83. March. 1983.Naples and New York).Tabloid sized magazine, 16 pages with 4 page transparent inlays, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Small tear to bottom of front wrapper, otherwise fine - "Peresempio"” Il Mito. "for example the myth". Naples and New York, nov. ’83. Tabloid sized magazine, 20 pages with 4 transparent inlays, illustrated thoughout. Illustrated wrappers.
Edited by Toni Ferro (Naples) and Sue Melikian (New York) . One of 350 copies. Ferro writes: - THE DREAM « Memory and nature, the fictitious desire to revive a « lost object », are the real qua¬lities of the dream ». This quote from the « Introduction of Zero - Setting Anthropology » documented our presentation at the Pompidou Center (Bergamene, Bugli, Luca, Fiorentino, Lista, Luksa and I) which was attended by Pierre Restany. I reconfirm it now. I repeat that the objects of anthropological art are one time machine traveling in the consciousness of man. It is the poetry of history (micro and macro) that creates the objects and actions of « Zero - Setting Art », « on the border of art». This Zero - Setting brings man's existence and poetry together into the same space. This is why I begin «peresempio» with the dream », a theme I proposed for poetic research in this newspaper with other artists who have a calling for this poetry. My gratitude and esteem goes to them and all others involved in this collaboration. And here is the dream, or the awakening? Naples february 1983 T. F. Contributions By Bergame, Bugli , De Joanna , Ferro , Fiorentino , Galzarano, Lista, Meilikian, Nocito, Restany , Sacco, Sala, Vallone, Ventura.
-IL MITO: contains works by Bergamene, Bugli, Carr, De Joanna, De Credico, Ferro, Fiorentino, Gambardella, Hirscher, Lista, Lo Russo, Massey, Melikian, Restany, Sala, Theunissen van Manen. With original contribution by Sue Melikian, by Bergamene, a collage by De Credico, a pasted in original relief print (numbered and signed in pencil) + an original collage by Jack Massey + one by Toni Ferro. (See: Impassibile naufrago, p. 168)

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