Collection of all the printed publications (12 titles). Rotterdam (NL), Abandon 1978/1981. All limited editions. Detail below.
Abandon was founded in 1978 by Dick Harmsen and Han Maagdenberg, within the framework of the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts and the Rotterdam Art Council RKS. This is the collection of all the print publications till the end of the partnership in 1982.
- Tomatamotboekje, 1978: 21x15 cm., stapled, unpaginated. Offset, silkscreen,stickers, rubber stamps, original additions. Edition of 150 copies numbered and signed (by D. Harmsen).
- Tijdschrift, 1978: 20,5x14,5 cm., stapled, unpaginated. Offset, silkscreen, original additions. Edition of 250 numbered copies. First and only issue.
- Just Words 3, 1978: 19x15 cm., spiral bound, unpaginated. Xerox(?). (Edition of 100 numbered copies).
- Keukentafelmanuscript, 1979: 20,5x15 cm., loose leaves in folder, 15pp recto printed. Xerox. Kitchen table manuscript 'musing over the kitchen table'. Edition unknown.
- Stommelingen, 1979: 30x21cm., bound by a clasp, unpaginated. Offset, silkcreen, shoe sole imprint. Edition of 100 copies. 'Phonetic texts' and a report on 'rumbling' (stumble, murmuring, clattering) sounds.
- Abandon Spontaan, 1980: 30x21cm., bound by a metalic clasp, unpaginated. Stencil, offset, collage, xeroxes. Edition of 100 numbered copies. Presentation of Abandon at the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam: Abandon 'Spontaneous' for interaction between public and poets.
- Summier, 1980: DIN A4 mimeographed sheet between covers. Edition of 100 numbered copies.
- Tekstroutes, 1980: 30x21cm., loose leaves, cardboard covers, 7pp + 14pp. Xerox(?) (7pp) and silkscreen (14 plates red on trace paper). Edition of 100 numbered copies.
- 20 Small Poems, 1980: 15x10,5 cm., stapled, unpaginated. Textual and visual 'artefacts' some of wich are printed, stamped or sewn but also as small objects physically attached to the pages. Edition of 150 numbered copies.
- Entresol, 1980: 20,5x14cm., stapled, unpaginated. Offset, xerox, stencil, rubber stamps, collages. Edition of 100 numbered copies.
- Sou-n(d), 1981: 19,5x14cm., perfect bound, unpaginated. Offset. Audio tape. Edition of 250 numbered copies.Side A: 'linear' sound pieces; side B: computer generated sound pieces.
- Compupoems A, B, C, D and E, 1981: Series of 5 booklets: 14,5x20cm., plastic spiral bound, unpaginated. Computer generated letter sequences, off screen photography. Edition of 100 numbered copies.

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