Complete set, of 30 issues composed as follows:
Vol. 1 nos 1-12 ( Los Angeles, 5 May 1977-Aug.1978), plus "Give Away Issue", not dated "One Year Anniversary Special (14 pages)", continued as:
Vol. 2 nos. 1-11 (Sept.1978-Dec. 1979), continued as:
Vol. 3 nos 1-4 (Jan/Feb.1980- n.d.1980) + Vol. 3 no 5 (Undated thicker issue, "World Update" published by Robert Briggs (n.d., 1980), complete set, with special addition: New York Rocker-Issue Sept.1981 (including a "mini-Slash Issue").
Together 30 physical issues; newsprint with coloured covers, tabloïds. An almost pristine set with only very minimal flaws (detail on request).
Groundbreaking LA magazine, the West Coast equivalent of NY Rocker because of the large format newsprint and amazing punk coverage. Edited by Steven Samiof and Melanie Nissen (Photo-editor and contributor of numerous photographs), senior editors Claude Bessy, Philomena. Issues ranging from 20 to 48 pages toward the end. Contributions by Paul Zacha, Kickbioy, Steven Lovejoy, Lou Beach, Richard Blyth, Nicole Walker, Gorilla Rose, Bud Scoppa, Gary Panter, photos bt (a.o.) Edwin Heaven, Rena Small, Jonathan Postal, Jules Bates; featuring punk-rock band and artists: The Vibrators, Blondie, Devo, Sex Pistols, Heartbreakers, Easter, Iggy Pop. The Weirdos, The Bags, Fear, The Police, etc. Much like "High Times" cross-promoted Punk magazine, NY Rocker included a "mini-Slash" issue after the magazine's untimely demise: "R.I.P. = Rest In Punk" on pages 15-25. Most of the Slash covers can be viewed on:

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