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No. 5, vol. 8, March 1965. The "Third Anniversary Mad Motherfucker Issue! Cover by ANDY WARHOL !! From his evil "Couch movie", being an original thermofax print. New York, Fug Press. 76 sheets, mimeographed on various colour paper, with the thermofax front cover (which has three small chips, leaving the important image still entirely visible, see photograph).) still attached. Side-stapled; last 20 pages stapled upside down, last text page pulled loose from the staples, otherwise in very good condition. (27,8x21,5 cm).

EUR 5,000.00

A highly sought after issue, scarce with the fragile Thermofax original cover by Andy Warhol. The artwork features a still from Warhol’s banned Couch Movie, featuring Factory regulars Gerard Malanga, Rufus Collins, and Kate Helicser. Illustrated throughout with line drawings by Sanders. In 1964, Warhol and Gerard Malanga began experimenting with the new Thermofax technology. One direction these experiments took were collaborations with New York avant-garde poets, including Ron Padgett's book 2/2 Stories for Andy Warhol published by C Press. The Thermofax, like the silkscreen, provided another way for Warhol to distance himself from artistic creation and introduce the machine into his creative process. Warhol's use of the Thermofax however represented a rawer and more cutting edge technology than the other photo-reproductive processes he used in his art such as traditional silkscreening. The images used in his Thermofax series are also more transgressive, reflecting his fascination with the cultural taboos, evinced by his cover art for Fuck You.