bulletin skupiny Lacoste.

No. 1. Juin 1966. 4to, sidestapled, roneotyped, 38 pages + 3 unnumbered pages, with 13 tipped-to-page original photographic ilustrations. On the front cover an original (unsigned, unidentified) gouache of ab. 5,5 cm diameter. No. 28 of a limited edition of 98 copies. With dedication to Max (Valter) Svanberg, signed by the 4 contributors. (Last pages detaching from the staples and light damage to the lower spine, otherwise an excellent copy).
- Together with: Nos. 4 (1967/68) and 6 (1968, replacing 5 ?). Roneotyped. (No 4 with 2 plates and a loose supplement 'Separat Lacoste' by A. Budik and J. Havlicek). Orig. stapled wrappers, front wrappers with original (unsigned, Havlicek ?) artwork; no. 6 lacks pages 17-20 (which were likely removed for political reasons).

EUR 700.00

Published by the Czech Surrealist group.Together 3 out of 5 published issues (the number 2 was never pubished,exists only in manuscript), very rare as it was banned by the Censorship. No. 1: Directed by Arnost Budik. With texts in Czech and in french; the illustrations reproduce work by the contributors. Texts (and illustrations) by Arnost Budik, Jiri Havlicek, Ales Navatil and Vaclav Pajuruk. Limited edition of 98 pages. - Nos. 4 and 6 in a limited edition of 128 numbered copies (colophon to no. 6); both issues edited (and signed) by the members of the group: Arnost Budik, Jiri Havlicek, Joself Krelacek, Vaclav Pajurek. In Czech, occasionally in English and French. ("The greater part of this number originates before the fatal 21 August 1968. For the time being we do not intend to react spontaneously and we follow the challenge to introduce certain 'inner censorship' as requested by the present political situation of our country. Thus the tabooed questions are dealt with in another issue, the No.5 of this bulletin which -because of the well known reason- may appear only in a single example"). There were apparently 7 issues , but only 5 physical issues published, numbers 2 and 5 were not published for political reasons

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