--First series: May 1970, dedicated to the "massacre in Kent", this copy from the personal archive of the director Antonio Rodriguez (ciclostyled production in very small number of copies, 4 numbers published only, between 1969 and May 1970, of which trhis is No.4). Published in the area of Lugano, Switzerland, and distributed to some friends only. --Second series: complete in 17 numbers, published in Locarno, later in Viganello (Ticino, Switzerland) as follows - No. 1 (also Number Zero), Summer 1970 until Number 19 (dicembre 1975), which number was preceded by an unnumbered issue containing poetry: West Coast Paria a cura di Franco Beltrametti. Numbers 10 and 17 were never published (as explained by Antonio Rodriguez, the layout maquettes for Number 10 were sent to Milano for printing at the IAP [International Alternative Press], and lost there, as also confirmed in writing by Ignazio Maria Gallino, the director; the reason for nonpublication of No. 17 remains unclear, it was probably omitted simply by mistake).

EUR 9,000.00

Rare collection of this fantastic publication, probably the most complete that has been on the market. Founded, directed and designed by Antonio Rodriguez (Edolo, Brescia 1948) or "Pariananda" as he liked to sign, was published between 1969 and 1975. The first stencilled issues were totally lost, only a copy of Number 4 survived (it was the personal copy of Antonio Rodriguez, who remembers that he has personally stencilled it. The present set was owned by him) Other copies are unknown. Ditributed in Swit.zerland, Italy and the USA, by Re Nudo and the Stampa Alternativa. Contributors and texts by: Hermaus, Franco Beltrametti, Gianni Milano, Giorgio Mariani, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, cartoons, drawings by Mizio Turchet, and various unsigned or unidentified contributors from Switzerland (Hotcha), and Fribourg (Revolté). Inspired by the Living Theatre, with strong international relations and influences. Without any concrete connection or political convictions all elements of the period are present: Psychedelic design, hippies, popmusic, the situationists, etc.

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