festival der neuen kunst - 20. Juli 1964 aachen th (= Technische Hochschule). 26 stencilled pages, plus one quarter-page and a green envelope (Vivograph by Tomas Schmitt, intact). Wrappers, 30 x 21 cm, side-stapled. Front-cover with 36 passport-photographs of the participating artists, back-cover blank. Note: This copy has an Original pencil drawing w. directions from the former owner on the This Way Brouwn page. An almost pristine copy of this important document. TOGETHER WITH Poster by (Wolf Vostell and) Nam June Paik. "I admire monkey. Ich ehre Affe". Aachen, 20. Juli 1964. Auditorium Maximum der TH. July 20, 1964. Printed in b/w on off-white stock, oblong (h/w) 59 x84,5 cm. With wear on the edges and somemarginal tears neatly repaired, six pin holes with regular intervals at about 5 cm from the top where the poster had apparently been affixed to a strip, two of which leaving a horizontal tear of ab. 1 cm.; overall still a good copy.

EUR 6,000.00

COMBINATION of the Program and the Poster of this Event:
- The PROGRAM: Ausgefuehrt von E. Andersen, Joseph Beuys, Bazon Brock, Stanley Brouwn, Henning Christiansen, Robert Filliou, Ludwig Gosewitz, Arthur Koepcke, Tomas Schmit, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Emmett Williams - Organisiert von Valdis Abolins u. Tomas Schmit - herausgegeben von Tomas Schmit und Wolf Vostell. Juli 1964. Program outlined on page 2, introductory texts by Valdis Abolins. Eric Andersen: comments in English by Dick Higgins and George Brecht. 2 pages by Joseph Beuys: (Lebenslauf, Werklauf); Bazon Brock; Stanley Brouwn; Henning Christansen; Robert Filliou; Ludwig Gosewitz; "Texte postal" f. Emmett Williams; Arthur Koepcke;Tomas Schmit: with intact envelope with printed instructions for a "do it yourself" artwork (VIVOGRAPH), in English and German, probably containing a piece of of carbonpaper and a piece of white paper. (This item is often missing as to complete the work the owner was to tear it out and wear it in pocket - it is present and unopened here; BEN Vautier; Wolf Vostell; Emmett Williams; the George Brecht: "motor vehicle sundown (event)" is not published (only on the program).
This publication appeared on the occassion of a "Festival of New Art" staged at Aachen Technical University on the twentieth anniversary of the attempt to assassinate Hitler on 20 July 1944. The events started after Bazon Brock's talk on texts by Marx and Hegel "Philosophy is the world turned upside down" and gave his talk while standing on his head. Actions of the artists went on simultaneously, and when Beuys melted blocks of fat on a stove (action titled "Kukei/Akopee – nein!") gesturing with a copper rod tumult started: right-wing students came on the scene and Beuys was punched hard and his nose bled. The blood from Beuys' nose led to a famous photograph of the artist with a smudge that looked very like a "Hitler" moustache - Beuys made a Hitler salute for the camera. Police then ended the performances.
- The POSTER was designed by (Wolf Vostell and) Nam June Paik. Reproduces several illustrations of Japanese torture scenes and some texts, as collage. Across the image lettering in b/w: - Actions Agit-Prop Dé/collage Happenings Events Anti Art lÁutrisme Art Total Refluxus-

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