Nos. 1-13 (all publ.). Paris, Nov. 1970 - printemps 1973. In the original issues as published, untrimmed, ca. 43x29 cm.; each 24 pages, printed on newsprint, partly in colour. Richly illustrated, also on the covers. Nos. 1-6 in excellent condition, nos. 7-13 with light wear over the folds, endemic browning and somewhat ragged edges (in particular no8 with light waterstaining and no 11, which has also damage to the final page). Altogether however a very good set of this publication in newsprint.

EUR 4,000.00

Underground, rock music publication directed by Henri Jean Enu, one of the most important figures of the counter culture in France. The newspaper is member of the UPS/Alternative Press. It contains interesting art work and psychedelic illustrations. Features on Drugs, anti-autoritarian education, free sex, Pop-news and disks (by Pete Townshand, Pascale, Romy, Gills Yepremian), Music Festivals (e.g. No. 1 of 1970 features on the Isle of Wight festival of that year with a centrefold poster of Jimi Hendrix), music-groups Fille Qui Mousse, Verlvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Who, the Dead, Zabu, & Ange.etc. Comix-strips (e. g. Aventures de Jacqueline Prothèse et Fille qui Mousse by Eno and Philippe Legendre). Contributors include: Harry Perlitz, Claude Pélieu, N. Bley, G. Sendort, B. Chardon, Ph. Legendre, Ed Sanders (transl.), Jean-Louis Brau, Roberto Altman, François Moureux (on film), Freud (on cocaine, transl.), Herr Professor Galesnus, Patrick Chnassia (photos), John Sinclair (transl.), P.Desanex, Allen Ginsberg (transl.), Olivier Dumont, Timothy Leary (amphitamines, no.8), Berkeley Movement, Black Panters, Andy Warhol par lui-même (no.10), Women lib, Clay Wilson, the Yardbirds, Cocaine effects by Freud, Gabriel Pomerand, American comix, comic by Kim Deitch. Clay Wilson comix, New-York Underground 1973 in Number 13, and much more. A complete set is quite rare.

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