Vol.2 No.1. (in english and japanese) Tokyo: Emerald Breeze Press, Dec. '67. Newspaper size, 23 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers with on the rear wrapper a full page advertisement of the Meditation Center of Harijan.
Includes: a double page illustration (of the four-armed Shadakshari) with the mantra 'Om mani padme hum': a double page 'from the banyan dream tribe in suwanose island including a poem by alan watts: 'to moist earth peace'; an article by Nanao Sakaki : Report of the Miyazaka Festival (in english); reproduced photographs of the Thunderbolt Red Crow Tribe; an article by Gary Schnyder 'The tribe' 18 X, 1967. (In English as well as in Japanese).
- The Tribe was the best known name of a loose-knit countercultural group in Japan in the 1960s and 70s. Central figures of the group's beginnings in Shinjuku and leadership included Nanao Sakaki, Tetsuo Nagasawa, Sansei Yamao, Mamoru Kato, and Kenji Akiba, who shared an interest in an alternative community, free from materialism. This group initially called itself the Bum Academy or sometimes Harijan.