Art Issue 1991. Die Art Sonderausgabe. The Special Art edition. mit künstlern der zeitschriften. with artists from the magazines. Nürnberg: Art Nürnberg 6, 1991. A special edition published on the occasion of an exhibition held during Art Nürnberg organized by Jürgen O. Olbrich.. One of 150 numbered copies.
The exhibition showed work from artists that cooperated with: entwerter/oder; Art/Life; Tiegel & Tumult; Doos; Arte Postale1; Collective Copy; Eins von Hundert; Data File; Uni/vers (,); Commonpress. This special edition presents itself in a card board box (31,5 x 22,5 x 6 cm) that contains: a 33 page catalogue that accompanies the exhibition with an introduction by Ral Dittmar and information on each of the represented magazines (edition 750); a 33 page catalogue of the exhibtion 1...2...3 dimensionen/Dimensions Mail Art Projekt Art Network, held Art during Nürnberg 6. Ein Projekt von Harlekin Art Wiesboaden. Konzept + Realisation Jürgen O. Olbrich. with 50 illustrations of work of the participating artists.(edition 750). Furthermore the Programm Zeitung from Art Nürnberg 6, some flyers + colophon page and furthermore 47 original signed and dated works (photocopies, collages, assemblages - most artists with 3 original works) by Vittore Baroni , Wolfgang Hainke, Rainer Resch, Peter Krabbe, Richard Meade, Creative Thing, Uwe Warnke, Thomas Günther, Wolfgang Luh, Niall Monro, Heta Norros, Guillermo Deisler, Gerhild Ebel, Jörg Kowalski, Ann Noël, Emmett Williams and Jürgen O. Olbrich.