Number 0. Napoli, Publigraf, estate 1968. Large sheet of strong white paper, 100x70 cm, printed in black on one side, folded 5 times. In good condition with slight browning on the folds, and just minimal wear.

EUR 700.00

The zero number of Continuum, of which lateron 5 numbers appeared (1968-1970). Text handwritten (reproduced) and designed within imagery "Non è facile ma noi a Napoli…...I Bambini. Time falls /today /off / because never/ lived/once". Directed by Luciano Caruso and Stelio Maria Martini. Edited by Renato Carpentieri, Luciano Caruso, Giuliano Della Casa, Giuseppe Desiato, Mario Diacono, Stelio Maria Martini and Mario Persico. (Maffei/Peterlini p. 82; Impassibile naufrago, p. 107)