Journal of the San Francisco Sexual Freedom League.

Group of 8 issues: Numbers 2 (January 1970), 4 (1970), 6 (1971), 7 (1971), 8 (1971), 10 (1972). With: Sexual Freedom Newsletter, July 1970 and August 1970. San Francisco, Sexual Freedom League, 1970-1972. Original wrappers, folios, various formats. All in excellent condition.

EUR 600.00

Published quarterly (or more frequently as circumstances permit) by members of the San Francisco Chapter of the Sexual Freedom League, a non-profit educational organization chartered by the State of California,. Issues of 40 or 24 large-size pages, b/w and one colour added. Editorial directors: Margo and Leo Frank, with Stephen L.W.Greene, Margo Rila. Illustrators; Susan Greene, Elisabeth Kabat, etc. Sexually explicit photographs and texts, advertisements. Vivid portrait of the sexual revolution. Articles on group love, homo-, bi and pan sexualities, birth control, communal love, and clearly important for the gay liberation and equality movements in San Francisco.