Journal of the San Francisco Sexual Freedom League.

Group of 8 issues: Numbers 2 (January 1970), 4 (1970), 6 (1971), 7 (1971), 8 (1971), 10 (1972). With: Sexual Freedom Newsletter, July 1970 and August 1970. San Francisco, Sexual Freedom League, 1970-1972. Original wrappers, folios, various formats. All in excellent condition.
Published quarterly (or more frequently as circumstances permit) by members of the San Francisco Chapter of the Sexual Freedom League, a non-profit educational organization chartered by the State of California,. Issues of 40 or 24 large-size pages, b/w and one colour added. Editorial directors: Margo and Leo Frank, with Stephen L.W.Greene, Margo Rila. Illustrators; Susan Greene, Elisabeth Kabat, etc. Sexually explicit photographs and texts, advertisements. Vivid portrait of the sexual revolution. Articles on group love, homo-, bi and pan sexualities, birth control, communal love, and clearly important for the gay liberation and equality movements in San Francisco.