Volume 1 number 1 (of 2 numbers published). San Francisco, spring 1950. 16 pages, in decorated covers; printed on beige-tinted paper in dark purple ink. With illustration.27,5x21,5 cm.; except for small damage to right lower corner of the cover a mint copy.

EUR 400.00

Edited and published by Ridgely Cummings, with Dora M. Perry. Editorial by Cummings, Henry Miller: On censorship and publica resposibility; Ken Fletcher: The Navy is an Ostrich; David Frailey: Friendly review; James Chevill; Richard Dermody: Danger Point; other contributions by Michael Demarest, S.Deam Lipton, Nila Larkin,Anthony Boucher, Gerben Deklker a.o.; illustrations and art by Bern Porter, Emil White, Siemund A.E.Betz, Kenneth Patchen,Leonard Breger, a.o.