Vol. 1,2,3,4,5. plus No Soul For Sale. 2002
- 2007,2010. In original wrappers.
---. Charley 01
by Cattelan Maurizio; Funcke Bettina; Gioni Massimiliano; Subotnick Ali Editorial Board
--- Charley 02 (Cartes Postale)
by Jenelle Porter Maurizio Cattelan Editor Massimiliano Gioni Editor Ali Subotnick Editor
----. Charley 03
by Cattelan, Maurizio, and Cattelan, Maurizio (Editor), and Gioni, Massimiliano (Editor)
------: Charley 04 (No. 4) Checkpoint Charley.
by Cattelan, Maurizio (Editor), and Gioni, Massimiliano (Editor), and Subotnick, Ali (Editor)
----- Charley 05 brings together the stray dogs of contemporary art and features artists that have remained isolated, forgotten, proudley secluded or slightly unnoticed, in spite of their visionary work.
---.Charley Independents: No Soul for Sale
by Ceclia Alemani, Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni, Ali Subotnik, editors
No Soul for Sale: A Festival for Independents at Tate Modern.