Teorico y polemico.

Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Buenos Aires, 1950/53. Unbound as issued. (40x29 cm) Printed in b/w, with numerous illustrations; Nos. 1-5 have 8 pages per number, 6-7 have one colour added on the first page, and 12 pages per issue. Very good condition, with a faint horizontal fold as issued; the first number has light wear over the fold and some light marginal damage; small handwritten notes in the margin by an unidentified reader of the first 2 articles; the other issues are very good to mint).

EUR 4,500.00

Theoretical and programmatic journal for Concrete Art, edited by Raúl Lozza, the artist who founded the movement known as Perceptismo: an avant-garde movement in Argentina that followed Arte Concreto, Invencion and Madi. Between 1950 and 1953 Lozza wrote, designed and published the seven issues of the Perceptismo magazine, in which his brother V.D.Lozza and Abraham Haber collaborated. This publication shows part of the copious theoretical production that went along with his artistic labor. One of his researches’ essential subjects was color. The first issue of the magazine includes an article entitled:The Color in Art. ( Abstract and excerpts from a book in printing, which as a book remains unedited. He insisted on the concept of unity between form and color. The interaction of these determined the structural harmony of a painting. Some of the key concepts for an ideal materialization of Lozza’s works were published in 1952 in the No. 4 of Perceptismo). Articles by Raúl Loza (e.g. El Color en el Arte; La Nueva Estructura de la Pintura Perceptista; De la Abstraccion al Perceptismo; El Perceptismo y lo Functional; Forma y Contenido), Abraham Haber Pintura y percepcion; (Matematica y Fisica en la Nueva Pintur; Lo Objetivo y lo No-objectivo den el Arte; Lo Magico y la Expresion; Nuestra; Nuestra Estetica; Psicología de la forma y fenomenologia;El proceso pictórico del perceptismo), V.D. Lozza (El Arte y el Hombre; Espacio y Tiempo).
- ADDED is an important group of catalogues of exhibitions of Raúl Lozza and other contemporary artists: - Ocho artista constructivos (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, B.A., Julio 1963; - Grabados y Afiches de Humngria, 1964; - Raul Lozza, pinturas, Galeria Primera Plana,1969; - Barragan, Espinosa, Lozza, Morana, Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plasticos, 1968; - Lozza, pinturas,1973, Van Riel Galeria; - dedicated copy of '16 Anos, El movimiento 'Forma y Espacio'; - and ab. 20 small pampflets, inivitations to exhibitions etc.

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