Revue trimestrielle.

Nos. 1-12/13 (all publ.). Paris, déc. 1973 - automne 1977. Original pictorial wrappers, kept in a fine box designed by Pierre Mercier; numerous illustrations.
Together with another copy of No. 1. déc. 1973: De-luxe, No. 36/100, with signed serigraphies by Bellegarde, Nave and Sandorfi.
Edited by: Patrice Delbourg, Olivier Kaeppelin, Martine Cagnot, Raphaël Pividal, and with contributions of: William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Jean-Marie Gibbal, Martine Cagnot, André Velter, Yves Buin, Mac Cullers, Georges Perec,a.o. Photography: Jacques Monory, Marisa Duhalde, Marie Breton, Luc Girard.
Informative and well illustrated magazine featuring many contemporary artists (e.g. Bellegarde, Naves, Sandorfi, Gafgen, Messac, Schmosser, Stempfel, Gasiorowski, Kijno, Biasi, Monory, Aillaud, Delay, Babou, Van Velde, Bailly, Lüthi etc.).

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