Nos. 1/2, 3/4 (all publ.). Stony Brook/NY., 1968-1969. Thick issues, 8vo.;255 + 391 pp. Printed wrappers; illustrated. Good copies.
International journal of poetry, poetics & translations, ed. by George Quasha, with contributions by Robert Duncan, Ezra Pound, Charles Olson, Levertov, John Wieners,Gary Snyder, Simic, Allen Ginsberg, Susan Elias (Metroculpture); Lila Katzen (The Universe as Environment. Moon markers).The first volume is an international selection of poetics ( Pound, Snyder, Ammons, Mac Low, Popa, Milosz, Wat, Parra, Guillevic, Pinget, Ginsberg, and many others). The second volume is broken into sections, with renowned poets sub-editing representative work from Latin America, Calfornia, Visual Arts, Concrete Poetry, German, French, Eastern Europe, China, and other areas.