Nummer 1-2 (all publ.). München, Maistrassenpresse, 1965-1966. Original illustrated wrappers, square 8vo. (First issue b/w, 76 pages; second issue 30 pages, leporello-printed with white paper between the double pages, printed b/w. on coloured stock.

EUR 600.00

Edited by Peter Reuss. Drucke der Jungen Akademie München, 1965-1966; typescript, offset. Texts by Guntram Vesper, Karl Krolow, Pitt Morell, Ulrich Raschke, Claire Goll, Pter Handke, Uwe Herms, Herman Kasack, Raoul Hausmann a.o.. Woodcuts and linocuts by Uli Kasten, Klaus Staeck, Klaus Lea, Otto Nebel and Gebhardt, Photographic illustrations by Michael Neusüss, Hannah Höch.

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