Art, Art-décoratif, Architecture.

Années 1-12 (all publ.). Bruxelles, 1928-1939. 4to; original wrappers; with numerous illustrations and photographs. 4 years are complete, 8 years each lacking one or two numbers; lack a total of 10 numbers;detail below. Even incomplete a rare ensemble. Good condition,wrappers occasionally with discolorations, small markings or rubber stamps of the previous owner, but internally clean..
Belgian journal dealing mainly with the visual arts, interior decoration, industrial design, architecture, sculpture, fashion, painting, graphic arts, etc., edited by H. Dons. Published monthly; no yearly indexes were published. Very scarce, even in an incomplete set. (1928 Lacks November; 1929 Complete,l 12 issues present; 1930 Lacks August; 1931 Complete,12 issues present ; 1932 Lacks August and November; 1933 LacksJune and October; 1934 Lacks only September; 1935 Complete, 12 issues present; 1936 Lacks only April; 1937 Lacks January; 1938 Lacks only November; 1939 Complete 12 issues present

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