Complete set of 11 issues, "numbered" as follows: Frice, Ice, Nice, Once, Slice 1: 1, Slice 1:2, Spice, Thrice, Thrice + 1/2, Twice, and Vice.(n.d.,ca.1966). All issues 4to, side-stapled with cover art. Mimeographed. Eleven issues, all in quite good condition, with a bit of foxing to the front cover of Vice, rear cover of Slice pulled but for one staple, bit of foxing to fore-edge of Once and Spice.

EUR 3,200.00

Edited by Tom Clark.. Contributions by Joe Brainard (who did several covers), Saroyan, Brautigan,Coolidge, O'Hara, Berrigan, Pickard (whole issue 3 1/2, all two pages of it, devoted to him), Ginsberg, Ceravolo, Dorn, McClure, Mayer, Padgett, Kyger, LeRoi Jones, Turnbull, Fagin, and a number of translations of the work of French poets (Reverdy, Apollinaire, etc). Another great "bridge" between the older NY poets and the new. All issues are uncommon, an due to the naming structure, each titled a "one-shot," complete sets are rarely assembled. Secret Location pg. 288.

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