PERMANENT FOOD (Maurizio Cattelan)

Complete set of all 15 numbers published: Nos. 1-15 (all publ.). Milano, Dijon, 1996-2007. Original wrappers. In mint condition; Added: Two numbers in the DE LUXE EDITION: - Number 9. (Untrimmed. Signed in black feltlpen, with a small drawing added, as No. 68 of 70). Left bottom corner of back cover lightly bumped, otherwise fine. - Number 15 (P).(With a diecut round hole of 6 cm diameter right through the middle of the entire issue,signed in black feltpen as No. 42 of 70). Faint crease to left corned of back cover, otherwise fine.

EUR 14,000.00

A COMPLETE set with two numbers in the DE-LUXE edition. The notorious "cannibale" periodical, edited/ published by Maurizio CATTELAN and Paolo Manfrin, with Dominique Gonzales-Foerster. Fully described in "In Numbers(Aarons/Roth)", where all the front-covers are reproduced. ... "Drawing its substance from images conscripted from an international stockpile of other magazines, P.F. has been generally devoid of explanation, except for a short declaration in which P.F. characterizes itself as a second generation magazine with a free copyright,"... "As a whole the magazine works on the principle that to put together two images makes the meaning of those images completely different.." Contributors include Vanessa Beecroft, Angela Bulloch, Claude Closky, Anne Frémy, Liam Gillick, Carsten Höller, Maurizio Nannucci, Philippe Parreno, Wolfgang Tilmans, a.o. for the first number, and many anonymous contribution and images taken from the international glossy press. While later issues are relatively common (as the publication became more widely know more people cared to keep the issues), the early ones are extremely rare, because they went mostly unnoticed and were thrown away.

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