KUNOLDSTRASSE 34 (KASSEL). 1980 and 1981. (Jürgen O. OLBRICH. Kassel Germany, 1980/81). Assemblings: 2 cardboard file boxes (32x24x7cm) containing documentation of the activities at Kunoldstrasse, 34 during 1980 and 1981 (the only 2 years of this project).
Exhibition ephemera, drawings, artist's books, artist's publications, multiples, artist's pages and other material (sand, wood etc.). A variety of print techniques. Edition of ca 20 copies. Works by J. O. Olbrich, K. Urbons, R. Timm-Behme, F. Stier, S. Helmes, R. Summers, B. Schwarz, L. Brigowski, G. Donder-Langer, W. Wisemes, G. Lloyd, De Krant, D. Yeros, J. Olbrich, B. Olbrich, E. Schiffer, B. Nieslony and U. Carrion. T. Mew, B. Berheide, R. Behme, B. Jakob, J. Wagner, A. Winter, F. Solmi, A . Wilgosz, Rà, Llys Dana and others. (a total of ab. 84 pieces).